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The study of time and art of measuring it 


Time pieces confirm an objective reality outside of ourselves. Observed by many and interpreted uniformly, they convey a defining feature of our world, that of time.

    Objects of     Cultural Heritage

Time is a link to our shared human experience and instruments of its measurement are repositories of distilled culture.

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Time Waits for No One
-Keith Richards

The human connection with and to time is relevant to all. It is a constant that our lives are shaped by and reliant upon.

An unequaled combination of science and art.
The exquisite time pieces of the Habsburg lands.


Each time piece has been vetted by one of the worlds leading Viennese clock experts. We specialize only in clocks by listed and confirmed makers of highest repute.


Every time piece is original, independently authenticated and verified and is accompanied by a comprehensive report detailing characteristics and attributes.


Each time piece offered has been researched and thoroughly documented.

Every item has clear title and any indemnification has been recorded in accordance 

with Washington Conference Principles.


Safety, prudence, care, and experience. Crates are  designed, constructed, and packed by experts with more than twenty years experience serving Europes leading art institutions

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