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USA Museums and Research facilities

The National Association of Watch And Clock Collectors

National Watch and Clock Museum

American Clock and Watch Museum

Hoffman Clock Museum

Halim Time and Glass Museum

Smithsonian Institution

Nawcc Research Library

NAWCC Bulletin Articles

June 1999, Vol., 41/3, Number 320 

"The evolution of the Vienna Regulator" P293-314, Philip J. Rasch

June 2006, Vol., 48/3 Number 362

"Christian Huygens, the Pendulum, and the Cycloid" Alan Emmerson

April 2007, Vol., 49/2 Number 367

"The Clocks of Central Europe - Part Two" P150-162, Philip J. Rasch

Books and Publications

F.H. van Weijdom Claterbos, Viennese Clockmaker and What They Left Us, Interbook International B.V., 1979

Frederick Kaltenbock, Viennese Timpieces, Verlag, 1993

Rick Ortenberger, Vienna Regulators and Factory Clocks, Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., 1990. 


Stephan Andréewitch, Alexander Graef & Paul Archard, Die Wand- Und Bodenstanduhren Der Habsburgermonarchies,  anoldsche Art Publishers, Stuttgart, Germany ISBN 978-3-89790-616-7

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